Cafes, restaurants, boutiques, flower shops and all types of activities that can be beautifully photographed have long been helping users make money just creating one Instagram account. This is not only an opportunity to share photos and videos with friends but also a powerful tool to support brand loyalty, the ability to be closer to customers, to know their interests and attitudes to your product.

To create a business, sell goods or provide services, it is not necessary to rent an office, equip a store or have a website. A systematic approach, a bit of creativity and you can earn by having only one Instagram page. Before you do the promotion, you need to carry out preparatory work. A proper account determines whether your buyer will find the product or service of interest on your page.

What Types of Content Are Used on Instagram 

Traditionally, Instagram content is divided according to its purpose:

  • entertaining;
  • informational (useful, educational);
  • selling;
  • inspirational, motivational;
  • combined.

There are general recommendations for the content correlation, but it is better to develop your own proportion based on your goals and adjust it over time, analyzing the experience gained.

When developing a content plan for Instagram, it is desirable that all types of content be present in your blog in one way or another, otherwise, the blog will be monotonous and may bore the audience.

Why Do You Need a Heading App?

The heading app is a list of headings that you will keep on your Instagram blog and the frequency of updating them. So why make a heading app?

  • To comply with the publication schedule.
  • To maintain a balance between different areas, topics, and tasks.
  • To balance personal and professional content.
  • To plan your work and get not only texts but also photographs ready in advance.

The basis of the heading app is the thematic areas that you plan to disclose. These can be different aspects of your work and personal life. But it is not necessary to disclose these topics head-on. Keep in mind the different types of content and look for a way to present the topics you need in one of the selected formats. That is, your heading is not “Knitted Toys”, but, for example, “Peeping the creative process” or “How our toys live in new homes”.

What to Consider

There should not be too many headings, otherwise, you and the reader will get confused. Focus on the average number – five. One topic may appear in several sections of different formats, but keep an eye on the topic balance. If a topic dominates, it will be perceived as the main one.

It is not necessary to fix the headings for a specific day. You can make a more complex grid, for example, immediately for 2, 3 or 4 weeks. But it’s more difficult to keep track of such a heading. The number of publications per day also depends on the audience and topic. Start from one publication a day, Sunday can be left as a day off.