What needs to be done for your subscribers to like your photos? If you don’t know where to start, then look at your competitors. When do they upload photos and videos? But the best thing is to find the best time for your account yourself.

How to Analyze

Make a content plan by day of the week and post at different times. Early morning, lunch, late evening, etc. and watch when there will be more likes/comments. Make a business profile and you will be able to see statistics – the number of views under each post and the time when most subscribers use Instagram.

Who is your target audience and where do they live? View their profiles manually or find the location of subscribers in the Instagram statistics services. Who are your subscribers (occupation)? Students, young mothers or office workers? It depends on when they have free time to use Instagram.

Such a simple algorithm will help you find the best time to post on Instagram.

How Often to Upload Photos on Instagram

Universal advice – 1-4 posts (photos/videos) per day. A break between posts – from 4 hours. If you have a blog about cats, then finding 4 posts for each day is relatively easy. Look for pictures on the Internet, take photos.

And what if you have a professional doctor account? You need to make posts on topics that excite the audience, post sketches from doctor professional life and make selling posts, as well as don’t forget about high-quality photos.

The good news is that the harder your posts are, the less often they need to be done. Because it’s three seconds for subscribers to look at a funny picture with a cat, while it takes a long time to study a useful health post from a doctor. People will not read serious topics three times a day. Once a day or two is more than enough for meaningful posts.

Instagram Video Time

You can post videos to your account lasting 60 seconds (you can upload 10 of these videos to a post from several videos totaling 10 minutes), while Stories lets you post videos lasting 10 seconds. What is the best time?

According to statistics, videos are best watched in the evening, after 8 p.m. But consider time zones if your subscribers are from different cities and countries. Make three similar videos and publish them at different times – you will see which video is watched more times.

When to go live? Best of all – in the evening or on the weekend, when subscribers have time to watch you for an hour. Make a post and invitation in Stores in advance.