Instagram must keep the platform nice and fresh, and with the constant updates, latest features, and up-to-date options, there is no end to what it can offer for users around the world.

As we get further into 2020, people are expecting to see new features along the way that will improve the experience and make this platform the best place to be for both creators and business owners.

For any creator or influencer, these updates are crucial for boosting awareness. These are the latest Instagram features that the world needs to know about.

Instagram Insights and The Latest Growth Analysis

Instagram Analysis

Any user can directly access the Insights platform via Instagram at any time. Insights feature a detailed analysis of everything that is going on with your profile or brand.

With the latest update, this platform now has an algorithm to show which content generates the most attention. This includes posts that get more engagement and reach compared to any other posts that the user creates. This could be a valuable asset for any business.

See the Listed Stories that Mention Your Business

People’s to make comments, opinions and reviews, it do matter. Of course, seeing followers share the content you create gives you a quick confidence boost, particularly in the product you sell. Poprey helps increase confidence by making the right comments.

A while ago, however, this wasn’t possible. But, with the latest Instagram update, users can see a list of stories that have tagged or talked about them or their business in the last 24h.

Setting Age Restrictions for Your Profile

Instagram Updates 2020

Selling age-restricted content, like alcoholic beverages, gives users a more difficult time to deal with the strict age policies on Instagram, especially when advertising.

With the latest Instagram update, you no longer have to wrap your head around these problems; instead, you can set an age limit for the people who can see the content and advertisements you post.

Adjustable Profile Format for Businesses

Some time ago, all Instagram profiles had the same layout. Users chose the category for their business so that their followers could get acquainted with their brand. Everything was displayed on the profile, like contact information, images, and more.

But, after the update, every business can now hide their information, category, or anything they don’t want to put on public display. Now, customizable options are available for businesses who want to change their profile layout.

Organizing the Inbox Is Possible

Top Instagram Updates

There are plenty of available options to organize the inbox. Users can add two tabs, like General and Primary. It’s possible to sort the messages based on these categories. The most important messages will go in the Primary section, and anything else will be stored in the General section.

Uploading Numerous Stories Simultaneously

New Instagram Updat 2020

For any user that has plenty of stories to share, it’s possible to upload multiple stories simultaneously instead of adding them one by one. It’s possible to add not more than ten different photos and videos as long as users customize and select their options before sharing.


A lot more updates and features are expected to get released on Instagram. Some of these features may be more functional than others, but they are still something useful to know about for anyone looking to improve their business or social media influence.