Instagram is a social platform used by more than 800 million people around the world. The application was created as a space for the joint publication and viewing of photos and videos, but today it is used as a platform for e-commerce.

For the number of subscribers to constantly increase making the service algorithms work for you, let’s figure out how to do this using a profile.

How to Make an Interesting Account Using Profile Trends

Impression from your account starts with a page description and a photo in a small circle: a catchy photograph, page name, a description of what you do and how to contact you.

A name is a brand name, semantic power in one or two words; this is what describes your activity; what the user will type in the search bar to find you. Best of all, if the nickname matches the name of the company and does not contain unnecessary words and commercial messages (official, the best, shop, etc.). It is also good if you have one nickname in all social networks.

A photo is the main thing in recognizing your profile. The picture should be clear and contain no unnecessary details. The company logo is perfect, but with a slight modification. The thing is that the logo should look great on the profile page; it should fit in well with the circle. How to do it?

You can change the font, color, elements layout to create a unique and adaptive Instagram logo. After editing, save the created logo. Next to the successful photo, there should be the information essential for the subscriber. After all, a person determines whether your activity is interesting to him/her from the description.

How to Fill Out Your Instagram Profile Info

Add or change this information by clicking the Edit Profile button at the top of the page. You need to clearly understand what it is important to see for a person on the page: and it is this information that should be provided in the description (company products or services, address, slogan, etc.). Make sure that the necessary information in the profile is filled in:

  • company name;
  • short description of what you are engaged in;
  • contacts;
  • location;
  • website.

How to Make Good Instagram Photos

All previously done work will be appreciated and effective with good content on your page. To create it, you don’t need to be a photographer, have expensive photo equipment or turn to professionals. It’s enough to know 3 basic rules of photo content:

  • use a smartphone with a good camera;
  • take pictures in daylight
  • always use the same photo processing filters to create a single account style.

Remember that a new user always pays attention to the profile as a whole, rather than individual pictures, while your subscriber – to the photo in the feed. Take care to interest both.